Thais Mckee, B.A, M. Ed., CHS, CLTC

Financial Advisor


Phone: 780.328.2562 - Ext. 110
Fax: 780-328-2568

I’ve been in the financial services industry since 1986. My clients are located in three marvelous Canadian provinces: BC, Alberta and Ontario and I love travelling to meet with them.

My clients typically fit into one of three categories:

  • Young, working to accumulate assets and “growing” their families and their businesses.
  • Either in or approaching middle age, beginning to plan for the time when they’ll need to convert savings and investments into sustainable, lifetime income.
  • Young at heart, developing plans to preserve and later distribute their life’s wealth, distribute what’s taken them a lifetime to create, to their family and/or to their community.

Past training and education have prepared me to explain, involve and develop risk management (insurance to protect people they care about) and retirement income plans with and for my clients. My ‘living benefit’ expertise shapes my approach to financial planning. We consider the potential for poor future health and then add components to the financial plan that minimize potentially catastrophic consequences to friends, family and finances.

These ‘planning and protecting’ discussions allow clients to navigate through the stages of life knowing they are doing what can be done to prepare for their future.
Having access to members of a broad and vast network of professionals make it easy for clients to get the advice they need, to do the work they need to do, to get ready for the future. My network of professionals includes and is not limited to: Certified Financial Planners, realtors, mortgage specialist, real estate lawyer, estate planning lawyer, bookkeeper and accountant.

Both individual and corporate clients are offered planning and products suitable to their situations.
I’m particularly interested in working with clients who want to incorporate long term care planning into their retirement planning process. I’ve been involved in many large group information sessions and workshops in the past and welcome future opportunities. Let me know if you belong to a group that might appreciate and be able to organize such an event.

“I feel better already, thank you” - LG

"Thais has helped us with our retirement savings, we now have savings that are growing, are safe and that are appropriate for us, our money is now working for us; we’ve also had good advice on other financial matters: we’ve received clear explanations about insurance coverage we’ve had for years but did not understand, we’ve had advice on which debts to pay off, we now have more money to invest in TFSA’s and RRSPs…she shows us what’s best for us”, - CL

"We do business with Thais because she’s knowledgeable. She tells us what we need to know, she’s a ‘no nonsense’ advisor”. - JH

Remember: It’s better to PLAN 5 years too soon than 5 minutes too late!


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