Your Accumulation Years

There comes a point in time when you realize that retirement is closer than you think. When the calendar (or your internal body clock) starts to say that within 15 years it’s time to hang up the gloves, there are a number of plans and decisions to be made as you get your financial house in order. Helping you to create a retirement plan that allows you to sleep at night with peace of mind and confidence is what we do best. Let’s get the conversation started!

We take a look at the whole picture, balance all of the competing priorities - your retirement lifestyle, your business or personal assets, your need for income, your family’s special needs, your health –– and provide a practical approach to making your retirement dreams come alive.

  • Are individuals or couples typically under 55 years old 
  • Live in Alberta, British Columbia or Ontario (If outside of Edmonton, AB - must be comfortable working via phone, email, video conferencing, fax & mail) 
  • Have accumulated a minimum of $100,000 in investable financial assets 
  • If working, have a household income of approximately $100,000 
  • Understand the importance of planning and investing, but lack the time, skill or desire to do it themselves. 
  • Are ready to follow and implement the advice of professionals and eager to engage in our planning, investment and risk management process. 
  • Appreciate personalized service from a team of knowledgeable professionals and are looking for a cohesive and holistic approach to managing all of your financial affairs. 
  • Are more concerned about having a personalized plan which takes a balanced and comprehensive approach rather than trying to time the markets or scattering your investments at various institutions. 
  • Are willing to share their Personalized Wealth experience with like-minded family & friends.
A winning financial game plan is not glamourous, it’s just common sense. For more information or to set up an appointment to discuss your dreams, please feel free to contact our office.