Minimize the Cost of Borrowing & Accelerate your Savings

Our team has developed a program that enables you to take advantage of some of the best in savings accounts, lines of credit, mortgages, GICs and many other banking services. We will map out a full cash and credit management plan to help you lower your borrowing costs and increase your savings rates.

Because Investment Planning Counsel is an independent company, our team can shop the market for the best interest rates on your behalf. Through our partnership with Mortgage Intelligence Inc. & Invis Inc., we have access to a complete suite of financial products selected from among Canada’s foremost banks and trust companies.

Mortgage Broker services provided by Mortgage Intelligence Inc. (Lic. #: ON 10428 | SK 315857) and Invis Inc. (Lic. #: ON 10801 | SK 315928).





GIC & High Interest Savings

Cash and Credit Management Services
Most banks make money through something called "the spread" - which is the difference between the amount of interest they pay you on your savings and what they charge you on your borrowing. This inherent conflict leads many Canadians to potentially lose thousands of dollars over their lifetime

How can we help?
Due to Investment Planning Counsel’s independent approach, we can shop the market on your behalf to get great interest rates on your savings and low rates on borrowing. This means that we can use one financial institution to help you grow your savings and another to reduce your borrowing costs. Our team has developed a process called the Banking Relationship Review which will examine each banking relationship you are currently engaged in and also make recommendations for ways to improve.

We can offer:

- High interest chequing/savings accounts

- Great rate Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GIC)

- Low rate Mortgages

- Unsecured lines of Credit

- Investment Loans

- and much more

View our IPC Advantage Rate Report and if you would like to receive information about our cash and credit management services please speak to one of our team members about a Banking Relationship Review, please contact us today.