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Employee benefits form a key component of the overall compensation equation. If issues related to group benefits packages are not properly handled, they can have serious implications from a financial as well as a labour relations perspective. Our approach is to address your benefits package in the context of your overall business. With our forward-looking approach we add value to our clients’ employee benefits programs by offering a holistic view of potential challenges and their remedies, in many cases before issues arise.

We work with companies ranging in size from 3 employees up to several thousand employees and help our clients realize significant savings on their benefits plan by getting insurance companies to always treat them like a big company! We also work with employees to help them better understand the value of these plans and how to utilize them in a cost effective manner to help avoid unnecessary rate increases. We believe every employee can help control costs and the integrity of the plan with efficient and effective understanding and utilization of their plan to everyone’s mutual benefit.

Our approach involves examining all key components of the existing employee benefit programs to assess their performance in order to identify opportunities for cost savings/controls as well as to identify synergies and strategies for risk management and increased efficiencies resulting in a holistic rationalized plan which is beneficial to all parties involved.

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