Business Owners & Professionals

Small business owners and professionals face unique financial challenges, as their personal and business situations are closely linked and their personal success depends heavily on the economic viability and success of the business. Our team has specialized expertise and services to help small business owners and professionals plan and coordinate their financial affairs for maximum results. Let’s get the conversation started!

We also work with companies ranging in size from 3 employees up to several thousand employees and help our clients realize significant savings on their Group Benefits Plan by getting insurance companies to always treat them like a big company!

  • Are individuals or couples who are business owners or in a professionally designated field 
  • Live in Alberta, British Columbia or Ontario (If outside of Edmonton, AB, must be comfortable normally working via phone, email, video conferencing, fax & mail) 
  • Have sufficient cash flow to invest at least $25,000 per year 
  • Have a household income over $200,000 
  • Understand the importance of planning and investing, but lack the time, skill or desire to do it yourself 
  • Are ready to follow and implement the advice of professionals and eager to engage in our planning, investment and risk management process. 
  • Appreciate personalized service from a team of knowledgeable professionals and are looking for a cohesive and holistic approach to managing all of your financial affairs. 
  • Are more concerned about having a personalized plan which takes a balanced and comprehensive approach rather than trying to time the markets or scattering your investments at various institutions. 
  • Are willing to share your Personalized Wealth experience with your like-minded family & friends.
A winning financial game plan is not glamourous, it’s just common sense. For more information or to set up an appointment to discuss your dreams, please feel free to contact our office.